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Thursday, 10 November 2016

7 Chakra Magic

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Reasons why Kundalini Awakening is great when you are Healthy?

Kundalini Shaktipat is an intense journey and this is not just your Life's journey or experience. Its a Soul's journey and the experience is going to be deeply ingrained into your soul.

Kundlaini Awakening is a phenomenon that a Soul goes through. When it awakens you experience on a mind, body and soul level.
Something that happens on soul level too usually brings about great shifts on physical level too. Means it will change your mentality about the physical world, as well you will be encouraged to change your behaviour and personality on the physical plane as well.

Mental Shifts -

Kundalini brings in huge mental shift. Shifts as in belief system, your viewpoint about how you see things, your perspective about life, and your thought projections about how you think and project your thoughts towards outer environment.
The mental shifts will be on a basis where your lower self's thinking will be replaced by higher and better thought process of your upper self. And during this shift when you are emotionally and physically strong the mental shift happens smoothly.
If your mental shift takes time or effort or becomes stressful mentally then it will show effects on your emotional and physical health. {which you don't want}

Emotional Health - 

You are a human I know, and so having "emotions" is a normal thing for you. But to have a lot of emotions and getting taken away by them will have issues.
And I bet being on journey of Kundalini its an emotional roller coaster. Your life will actually feel as if you are a dramatic movie itself. But it will be that way, because its your Soul's transformation and not just an ordinary experience.
Emotionally also you are expected to grow, to be more productive with your positive emotions and be lesser bent towards operating out or reacting with your negative emotions.

Physical Health - 

Something that's on physical level takes time and effort to come into existence. And so a physical shift of energies that happens by kundalini awakening will happen gradually. And that's why kundalini awakening doesn't happen all at once. Unless you have already opened your chakras in your previous birth and are just here to polish yourself or uncover a few more blockages.
Kundalini has the power to shake up your physical body and its inner systems. But if the mental and emotional health isn't sorted then the physical health might suffer. Yes I say SUFFER. You need to be as much positive, forgiving, loving, kind and compassionate as possible.

You might feel the force of kundalini a lot more pure and difficult to handle. But the force is here for your good, so if you feel intense while the devi awakens try to get more and more on pure side. Goddess loves purity and clarity of one's heart. No matter how silly or bad you were in past. But once you surrender to her, she is ready to prepare you to walk on your Spiritual Path. But for that you will need to surrender and believe in her. Believe in yourself and keep working on purifying your mind/ body and soul. This effort I am not talking of a few days. Its a lifetime journey.

This might bore you, weaken you or frustrate you for a while, a number of times during the journey. That's ok. Its the drama of your ego. That idiot that you are trying to get rid off by rising yourself towards your divine self. Obviously you'll need to kill that devil to get to the divine. And the Mr. EGO isn't going to like it. So it will slam-up and sit down stubbornly in middle of your path. As to confuse you that you are not going anywhere, why to struggle. etc. etc. But stay put on your path.

The growth of rising and being a better human being will begin once you start accepting the mental, emotional and physical shifts. And not otherwise. Not just accepting, but also applying and acting out of those shifts in your day to day life is essential. You cannot expect that something happens from the outside that will strike a bell inside your mind and another phase of your higher enlightened life will begin. The more you accept and broaden your personality by acting out from your higher self will help you to become more and more open to the shift.

The shift is not gonna happen in a boom. But its opening veil after veil to uncover all the petals fully and see the light within.

(And finally there is not re-checking done. Read this article to your best understanding)

Friday, 27 November 2015

Kundalini Awakening Update

I keep getting a lot of questions regarding Kundalini and my journey, my experiences etc. And with time and progress the understanding of the experiences also changes. And so I believe that a lot of stuff that I wrote 3-4yrs back needs some kind of upgrade as people are asking me questions based on that.
First of all I apologize for not sharing any articles in past weeks, as I was busy with a lot of work at home + festive season work. So it totally slipped out of my hands.

Kundalini Awakening sensations -
- I had shared earlier that you feel very strong vibrations, but I have also known people who have not felt a single vibration in their body and yet their kundalini is awakened.
- About the practices, I feel that any type of spiritual practices that we do. Or are motivated to do will help us to go ahead in our kundalini journey.
- Kundalini journey is long, and chakras opening might take time. I have known people devoting their entire lives for their K journey. But its not necessary for everyone to open all chakras. Some people are fine opening 3 chakras. Some want to open 5 chakras some all 7. Whereas there are people who are totally fine without awakening their kundalini.

Experiences in life - 
There will be very profound experiences in your dreams, or waking state when you reach different levels of kundalini and chakra opening.
But at the same time, there are people who don't remember anything such happening to them. And yet they just feel a bit of positiveness and then feel that things have shifted and they're better person then before. Totally getting this now. As not everyone has blocks and so not everyone will feel intense during chakra opening and kundalini awakening.

Awakened beings -
At this point in my life, I feel there are already a lot of awakened beings going around. Its just that they might not be knowing that why they're different. You just dont buy on to the modernization that's not good for human body or the environment. Whatever difference you have in your thinking, you are totally happy with not being the common person. And happily carry yourself naturally. Though people around you feel you are weird, clown, or some psycho.
Yes there are number of people who have been diagnosed with psychological issue, whereas its their kundalini awakening. Yes it will affect you psychologically if you dont shift your mindset and your way of thinking. When you evolve you can no more keep that old patterns of thinking and contracted awareness garbage.
I had read somewhere that kundalini journey is very difficult to complete in a lifetime, and so based on that I tried to look everywhere with that spectacle. Which made that conclusion correct. Whatever I am happy that's not the way. And awakening can happen fully even without the mere feeling of it happening to you.

More on this later.... I have to rush out!
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

How to start your Kundalini Journey?

So you are sincerely visiting this website, and probably many others to get yourself good info about kundalini related stuff. Your spiritual quest for awakening your inner shakti is clearly visible from this. But where to go from here? haven't you asked this to yourself? Kundalini awakening is for everyone and so you got enough knowledge till now. But now how to begin following the path of kundalini practically?
This post I have designed just for you, to help you slowly start your journey into kundalini. Kundalini is a very pure and divine source of energy inside us. And it lies dormant/ in sleeping state. And awaits to be tapped. Yes at times it does get tapped on its own, obviously when it wants to remind you of your spiritual path that you selected at your birth. And also it gets awakened easily if a person has awakened lower chakras in previous birth.

So, how to start your Kundalini Journey?

So the very first thing that you need to know about starting your journey is that you need to set up a strong base. A strong base goes a long way, and will help you to prepare well for the upcoming spiritual upliftsments. Kundalini Awakening brings a huge amount of cosmic energy towards you, and to be able to digest it you need to be prepared.
A body that's not prepared for kundalini is like a 5 watt bulb. And kundalini is 50000 watt power. How is the body going to cope up? have you thought? So the intelligence of the body will not allow any such thing to spark up in you, that's harmful for it. That may make you feel nothing at all during shaktipat or any other method of kundalini awakening. So inorder to increase your capacity of accepting power, you need to develop a base for your Kundalini awakening. And that base is.. developing a consistent practice of spiritual exercises.

Spiritual Practices and Discipline is necessary - 

Spiritual practices are necessary for kundalini awakening. Yes in some people you might have seen that it awakens without much effort, that's because they have been having a strong base already built from their past lives.
So you cannot have any excuses about why you don't want or are not able to develop a routine of spiritual practices.

Choose with what you are comfy -

One big stumbling block in developing daily practice is that you usually think about doing things that are very tough and challenging to do. Then you feel making huge changes to daily routine. Putting up a lengthy schedule of spiritual practice will help you to awaken kundalini quickly. And you end up deciding doing yoga for one hour, pranayam for 30mins, 60-min meditation thrice every day. And what happens? You do it for a day or two and then finally the duration of each of these practice lessens and then completely ceases. And then you complain that you are not getting results?

How will your body show a drastic change in just 2 days of yoga and meditation practice? Best things in this world are always the one's that took time to build/ develop. Remember your Grandmother's pickle? It took hours to get it done, result? totally yumm pickle for years to go. Or your mother's cooked food, it took hours to cook. And result? Totally happy and contented family after the meal.

So in order to develop a spiritual practice you first need to decide what you want to do. There are several spiritual exercises that will help you to clear your mind & body from the inside out. And continuing the practice will help you to keep the mind and body clean on an ongoing basis. As you are living and cleaning is required on regular basis its not a one time job.

If you need to bathe daily to clean your body, if you need to eat daily to get nourishment. Then you also need yoga & pranayam to clean your mind and meditation to nourish your mind and body daily.
Some spiritual practices that you can choose as per your taste. Yoga, satsang, bhajan kirtan, kriya yoga, pranayam, prayers, tai-chi, chanting etc.

Select something for your body and something for your mind. Its better to learn basics of what you are choosing. As you will then perform confidently the spiritual exercises on daily basis. And when you are beginning choose a small time duration to begin with. Like one Pranayam for 1 minute, one yogasana for 2mins, bhajan for 10mins, chanting for 10 mins.

Now you might ask what's 5 mins of Pranayam, 3 yogasanas, or tai chi or kriya yoga or hath yoga going to help you with. Well its not about duration, its about consistent practice. You have to be consistent enough. When you choose your practices, make a point that you do them daily. To do regularly makes your body Ready for the practice the next day at the same time. When you keep repeating the action again and again for days, weeks, months and years then your body actually develops gateways of energy pathways through these spiritual exercises. And for the cosmic energy to seep in and open the blockages becomes an easy and flawless job.

There are two ways you can start your journey. Either with a Guru or without a Guru. Both are discussed below that will help you to choose one option over another. I have given both options as some people might be comfy to go to a guru, whereas some may not be comfy.

Spiritual Path without a Guru -

The first option is Kundalini Awakening without a Guru. This path is usually a bit difficult as you are not guided and have no one to go to. A guru is essential for kundalini awakening. I wouldn't recommend this path. You must choose this path only if you are totally healthy mentally as well as physically, and also if you have confidence in yourself. You shouldn't have any past history of mental or psychological problems. As such cases require attention.
You can choose this path if you've had a guru in past, and don't have one now. But still want to continue your spiritual practices.

What you can do is, choose masters who've already evolved - as your Guru. These evolved beings can be Shiv, Krishna, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Mahavatar Babaji, Vivekananda, Yogananda, etc. These masters have already evolved. And they had already found the ultimate while they existed on this planet. And also they are very much aware of the problems and challenges of being a human. And aware about how to deal with kundalini challenges. So they will be good Guru's for your Kundalini path.

They are not anymore existing into the physical dimension. Yet they can help you in your journey. Pick one and then stick to that master. If you want to make it perfect then ask in your meditation or prayers whom to choose and the answer will come.

Advantages of Guru in energy realm -
- Advantages of a Guru in energetic realm is that he is always there for you, whenever you need him to be around. (Though I have mentioned only males, female masters like quan yin, durga and saraswati are also totally fine.)
- They have already known the path and so you will find easy to trust on them.
- They have reached an ultimate state, from where they will appear only pure. And so you'll easily have total trust and faith in them. As you will not be able to find any ill-qualities about them.

Disadvantages of Guru in energy realm -
- You might doubt whether they are really with you or not. As they are in energetic realm. And so you might doubt their existence or help because they are not visible. Humans can believe in what they can see.
- Connecting to these masters requires a bit of mastery over meditation and other techniques about how to connect to them. Which might be tricky for you, if you dont know how to do that.
- If you've never had a spiritual guide then you will find difficult to understand and decipher the messages that you'll be getting from these masters.
- Believing in Guru sending shaktipat from energetic realm might be confusing and doubtful. Human beings can trust and rely upon people easily whom they can "see". And so believing that somebody formless is "there" maybe not a good option.

Spiritual Path with a Guru - 

This path is an easy one. But might be a challenge for you if you cannot trust Saints & Sages of materialistic world. But not getting into that topic I would just like to discuss the fact to have a Guru in materialistic dimension.
To have a guru in materialistic world is a real boon, and can be the best thing to get. There are a few points that you need to remember while you choose your Guru in materialistic world.

How to choose your Guru -

As I said the path of kundalini with a guru is more preferable. But this path too has its own challenges. You need to be very careful with whom to select as your Guru. There are basic facts written below that you'll find necessary to consider while choosing who your Guru will be. Guru is like God as he is the person who is going to help you to connect to the divine. So there are these basic four things you need to have in your Guru.
Guru's have been known since time immemorial for their nature of weirdness. Total obscure advices, talking out of the blue all of a sudden and several other behavioral patterns that you will not understand if you are just a beginner in this journey. Certain Guru's are a total no-no to go to, else they'll brainwash you and place you in a total mind-boggling condition. Though Ive written this, you can totally choose this type of guru if you really feel like going to them. Indian scriptures like Mahabharata, Ramayana and Geeta show a glimpse of what actual guru's behave like.

These are the four basic qualities you need to have in your Guru. Also for getting to know your guru is also important. For that please read my post about Guru - Shishya relationship. As this will help you to understand your Guru & his actions well.

Advantages of Guru in physical dimension -
- As you are in physical world, getting to see your Guru can help you to develop trust on your Guru.
- Guru can help you at the right time, warn you and direct you to different path or technique when he feels is the right time.
- He can help you to understand about your different experiences during kundalini awakening, if you need explanation.
- He can help to pass on shaktipat energy that will help you to speed up your kundalini journey. He can alter the energy of kundalini shaktipat, according to your body's accepting power.

Disadvantages of Guru in physical dimension -

- The person who is in physical dimension is a part of the Maya of 5 elements. And anybody in mayaic world will have imperfections. And so having imperfections and weak points in your Guru might bring trust and faith issues. As Guru is considered divine, and something that is divine cannot be accepted if there are imperfections.
- You can reach out to them with effort and time.
- Your ego will make you doubt actions of Guru in materialistic world. As ego is the biggest challenge you have to overcome in this journey.

If you'd like to know about Guru - Shishya relationship (Guru-disciple relationship) then go here>>

Above all being Persistent counts - 

Whether you are with guru or without guru, being persistant with your spiritual practices counts. What you practice daily first becomes into a systematic arrangement of energy particles within your energetic system. And then this energy pattern helps to form dense emotional and physical perfection over it. Which then helps to make your spiritual experience permanent and constantly rising & evolving.

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Friday, 9 October 2015

How to get financial stability with kundalini awakening?

By reading the benefits kundalini brings once the complete awakening happens, like once when your kundalini crosses all the seven chakras. It might make you think whether kundalini awakening might bring you riches and make you a millionaire or not.
Well kundalini awakening does not always work the way you think. Its not a quick fix that can make you into a millionaire in a few days. As I have told earlier on this blog, that kundalini sometimes takes years to complete the full awakening.
Among all its different ways and phenomenon's, kundalini bringing you financial stability is also a fact. Kundalini balances and removes the blockages that you have been carrying since past many births. And when those blocks are removed you make more chances of goodness to be a part of your life then adversity. Get me here, I said "goodness" and not riches. Riches are not important for every human on this planet to have.
Let's get into this topic further, to help you understand better. So that you know how you're gonna get financial stability with kundalini awakening

What happens when kundalini awakens?
When kundalini awakens there is a blast of energy into your entire body. Its not anywhere from the outside, it comes from the inside. Yes if you are a beginner you might not understand the difference.
This blast of energy actually starts clearing your system and taking you a step further, everytime that blast happens. Your awakening is complete when your kundalini opens and crosses all 7 major chakras.

Financial security with kundalini awakening

Until then, it will keep cleaning and moving further. Well kundalini not exactly cleans, but it will prompt you to take certain actions after every step of spiritual evolution. And when you follow those actions, you will be cleaning your blockages. How? By undoing the wrong that you were doing since years.

Balanced chakra Effects -
The major chakras are seven in number. When all chakras are balanced then you are aligned with the universal cosmic energy flow and so you will be open to the universal abundance. Now this abundance doesnt mean only monetary. You will be open to abundance in all areas of your life.
Abundance means you don't lack in anything, and you have as much as you need.

The first three chakras - 
The root chakra and swadhisthan chakra a.k.a the first two base chakras are closely associated to the materialistic realm and abundance. The root chakra if totally balanced brings good health and stablility in your physical world. A good balanced sacral chakra will help you to love what you have. Love comforts and beauty that you already have in life. Which will then make you attract the same into your life, such that you keep getting more of it. And the manipura chakra will keep you and your energy under your control which will make you in total control of your decisions and actions.
Most if the money gets wasted when people spend it carelessly, or by poor decisions about spending. The manipura chakra keeps your energy under your control, if this chakra is not balanced then your decisions  & actions might/will be hugely based on the outer environment. And so you cannot be in control of your finances.

What can kundalini do for you?
Kundalini Awakening is a boon to humans. When kundalini gives you an energy blast, it cleanses the energy system to make your chakras balanced. And this stability will help you to bring stability in your mind and body .It will help you to make life better for you. Ofcourse life isn't going to be 100% problem-free ever.

You are not born to party, but to bring a transformation on this planet. And so life would have ups and downs, to make you realize that you need to bring betterment on the planet.

What can kundalini not do for you?
Kundalini cannot make you a millionaire in a snap. Kundalini awakening cannot help you to magically produce food/gold/materialistic resources from thin air. Those are tricks and can be done by anyone who's not awakened by shakti.
Kundalini cannot make you shift time, and undo things. Nobody can do that.

How to be a millionaire?
This is a huge thing today. Almost every single person you meet and ask their financial goals, they will tell you they want to become millionaires or even billionaires. But the moment you ask them, what are you going to do with those millions? They have no clue! They blankly say they'll do some good work.
Nature will always give you, when you need it. And when you need more, nature will create more for you. So inorder to do some good work, you don't need millions beforehand. You have to begin doing that work, and nature will slowly begin creating riches for you to fulfill your purpose.

So if you are reading this entire post just to learn how to become a rich person with the help of your kundalini, then first try to figure out what your life purpose is. And then start working upon it. To have more money, you will have to choose a life goal that's bigger and huge. And your life's goal shouldn't be huge just so that you can become rich. It wont help then. You need to find some life goal that's really close to your heart.

You will personally get money ONLY as much as you need. Nobody can ever have money more then their need. If you are disagreeing to this fact, saying that many millionaires and billionaires are earning that much. Then I would like to check you here, they always have huge responsibilities to feed 100's of people working in their industry. Also they have multiple careers where they will invest. And if they hoard on money, then they pay it in huge lumps to doctors. Nobody can hog on to money more then their normal needs. When money is unjustly hoarded or blocked by greed. Nature has its own way to make it "flow".

When kundalini awakening completes its journey, by opening all chakras. At that time there's a greater chance to get abundance and to make millions. This though then will be your personal choice, to get it or not. And personally you'll choose it if your soul had decided to get it before birth. As many people realize great truths about their own life after kundalini awakening And so ask only as much as their need. If somebody has to do a really big job, then they will attract millions or billions in their life.

To keep your Chakras balanced, I will be sharing a meditation in future. Stay tuned.
MEanwhile, let me know what's about this article that you liked! Also let me know your questions and comments in the box below.
This post here >> Chakra Balancing Meditation, will be available from 12th Oct. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Why do we fall in Love?

Divine reveals himself to us through the eyes of your lover. His qualities of Love are Unconditional & non-judgemental Love.  And so that is what you believe your lover also is. Divine is totally full of love and caring, so that is what you will see through your lover's eyes.

true love
Actually these qualities maynot be of your lover at all, sometimes even in one sided Love. People believe that the other person is Loving and caring for them. Do you know how's that possible? Because when you are in Love that energy is totally engulfed around you. and whatever you see around you, will be through eyes of Love. And so you will always feel that the person you Love is also loving you.
When you are in Love you will actually feel that everybody around you is Caring & Loving. That's the magic of love.

So does that mean, you will be fooled by people who are not good? Why do we fall in LOVE? at all!

- No, not actually. When you are filled with Love. You will be your most positive self and so you will attract -ve people the least.

When your Love is so pure and positive, then why do you experience hurt. Is your next question right? 

- Actually when you are totally in Love and have very strong feelings for someone. You might give a vibe of getting mesmerized by you to the one you love. And so when they are around you, they will be totally enticed by your charm. And when away from you, your partner might return to his/her original self/thoughts/desires and so their desire for someone else, might not popup in your presence. But they'll remember when you are away.
Which actually brings about a picture, that your partner is cheating on you. Or maybe is disloyal to you at your back! :D

Now let's get into deeper...

1 Falling in Love scientific reasons

The scientific reasons of falling in Love are your hormones. Hormones inside you when prepare your body to develop sexuality, also result into you feeling a deep desire for getting "True Love"

What's True love? Does it exist? If there's True love then there must be surely False Love? is it? lol :D :)

Why do we fall in love?

2 Why do we fall in Love?  Spiritual reasons.

God created this world with a desire that it keeps going on and on and on. And so when he gives birth to any soul in a human body, one thing he expects from that soul is that they should reproduce. And the upcoming generation should always be more loving & caring.
And so while scientifically while you are developing your sexual organs, Spiritually you will always feel inclined towards finding "true love". Because it makes you feel vibrant, bright and lively. Well focus more on "lively". You've heard lovers say. I come back to life, looking at you. Well 'life', because that lover is going to help bring a life through you. :P

3 Why do we feel pain and agony, when separation happens or breap-up happens.

There are stories of falling in Love, and similarly there are stories of heartbreaks also. People are sometimes very much blessed and at times totally broke and feel helpless.
So the first thing is that when you are experiencing hurt, and pain in your relationship. There is always something wrong with you. Rather then only your Lover being wrong.
When you are loving conditionally, you will always be hurt and in pain with your relationship. When you loved that person, you never placed a condition that they should Love only you. And not someone else.
This statement might piss you off, as you may feel that 'staying loyal' and 'being only with one person in a relationship' is the real thing. And Relationships should actually happen that way.
Yes in a way you are right. Strong feelings about someone will arise in you only once or maybe twice if you are lucky. Other hook ups will be mostly, where you try to search your 'true lover' of past in somebody who's currently with you. But you cannot bring about this feeling in anybody, it has to come with realization. The other person will feel that truth only by experiencing. And not by you giving an understanding about it.
And it can take weeks, months and even years for this realization to happen! Truth, but its not sad. Because when you realize something by yourself you actually value that truth. And you will always remember for the rest of your life.

4 What should you do inorder that you become an Unconditional Lover.

God's ultimate goal to send you here on this planet, which is your life purpose. And to reproduce so that you leave something for this world even in form of population. And not just your ability. Yes some people choose to stay single, they usually dont come with a purpose of bringing an offspring. Sometimes such people can be yogi's or ascetics of past birth, who totally want to stay away from famial ties.
If you feel that you are stuck with your love-life. And are ending up with people that keep hurting you or are not serious about your feelings. Then this actually might be time for you to wake up. And evolve. Because actually Truth is that nobody ever hurts you, and nobody can ever do anything bad to you. But if things are hurting you, then there's a charge inside you that making people around you behave that way. Or maybe nobody around you is doing anything, you are just getting hurt by your own self. Because of your own beliefs and feelings arising out of that.
And how can you start evolving? Well Meditation is one way, that can help you to evolve. See here, for How to Meditate?

How to live in this materialistic world, with Love and without getting hurt!

If you never want to get hurt while still living in this world. Then you need to be unconditional in loving. When you stop expecting anything from anyone, its then that you are going to get least hurt.
Donot Fall, RISE in Love
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